Let’s join us on the unique Halong Bay party cruise! Here are what we do on our cruise!

Halong party live DJ

Vibrant, lively, trendy & unrestricted party on Halong bay party cruise! Our party will always be the best getaway where you can leave all troubles behind, meet up with friends, make new friends & party all night. You can’t find a party like this anyplace else!

Sunbathing & Sightseeing

With our spacious sundeck, you can always chill, sunbathe, and sightsee the bay at the same time. Additionally, the cool breeze & smoothing speed of our cruise will, all together, give you the best outdoor chilling time ever.


Get in touch with nature – the amazing Halong bay with our freestyle kayaking. Together, we can stay in the most tranquil area with crystal clear water and explore dazzling caves  & untouched zone.


A party in the bay without swimming is like a burger without fries! With our floating trampoline and good taste, we will choose the best location in the bay for swimming and jumping. The first jump off the boat is always the best!

Cave exploring

Our trip to visit Trung Trang or Hoa Cuong cave will take us further onto Cat Ba island. Here, we can witness the power of mother nature after thousands of years creating this astonishing cave with multiple limestone structures.

Squid fishing

An exciting activity to join in every night! At squid season, our cruise member will guide you on how to squid fishing & get to know more about fisherman life. If you are lucky, we will have fresh-cooked squids for night snacks.